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  desktop fails to go to both monitors.


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desktop fails to go to both monitors.

Posté le 23-01-2021 à 21:14:42  profilanswer

When I start my computer, the BIOS message appears on one monitor in my dual monitor set up.
But when the computer login message appears on my windows operating system, it appears only
on the other monitor, and the desktop does not spread to both monitors.
Rebooting used to solve this problem last week, but now even that fails.
Please help.
This is similar to this issue but a bit different.  Any advice? [...] 2620_1.htm

Posté le 23-01-2021 à 21:14:42  profilanswer

x58 forever!
Posté le 23-01-2021 à 21:28:44  profilanswer

Hi there.


It would help a lot if you gave us basic details about your setup/rig.


Which graphics card, operating system, screens and which type of video cables.

Guide OC x58 - Guide d'achat de config - ALIMS:qui fait quoi? - RKO - Radiooooo
Posté le 24-01-2021 à 03:46:14  profilanswer

OK, well, I will do all I can to answer all this as completely as I can.  In the meantime, isn't there some sort of command line request to get all of that.  I got this from malwarebytes (I was thinking I have malware
-System Information-
OS: Windows 10 (Build 18362.1316)
CPU: x64
File System: NTFS
The video card is NVIDIA
I am also going to tighten the video cable connections and reboot.

x58 forever!
Posté le 24-01-2021 à 10:53:48  profilanswer

With the scarce information provided, the simplest thing I can think of is a driver problem :


You may uninstall completely your graphics drivers with DDU and then reinstall them. [...] nload.html


If your nvidia card is very old, W10 might have updated the drivers to new ones that are less befitting = you may to need to reinstall ' older ones.


Once again, the more precise information about the hardware, the better.


Also , have you tried swapping the screens/ cables?

Guide OC x58 - Guide d'achat de config - ALIMS:qui fait quoi? - RKO - Radiooooo
Posté le 26-01-2021 à 05:38:58  profilanswer

Hello Zonka.  Thanks for your suggestions.  Your posts made me wonder about my cables and if their connections are getting faulty simply by gravity and time.  So I made sure they were tight and then I rebooted.  That worked for a moment.  In fact, it worked for at least a day.  But now we are back to the same problem unexpectedly as I walked away from my computer.  So now I would like to have a good recommendation on what video cables to get.
I also would like to know if there is some sort of command line I can make that will provide all the system information that might be needed.
I am also going to take all of your advice shortly.

Posté le 26-01-2021 à 10:06:53  profilanswer

you could maybe install hwinfo64
when you run it for the first time, it will ask you to choose between sensor or summary. Check summary and it will open a window with the major informations (cpu, motherboard, memory)
- about the disks, you can use crystal disk info
if you have more than one disk, simply choose it in the upper menu, and you'll get its reference
- for the power supply, you have to open the computer and check the reference, no other way to get the information

Message édité par kabyll le 26-01-2021 à 10:07:47

Infographiste 3D & Post-Production - Freelance
Posté le 26-01-2021 à 17:31:40  profilanswer

Thank you for your advice.  I will take it.
In the meantime, I have an update.  Before I did anything that is suggest here, I gave something a try and it has worked (so far).  But I want to keep this thread of discussion open here just in case this is only temporary.
Now, let me explain what I did and why.  I started to suspect this was a Windows 10 operating system glitch of some kind because most of the time these sorts of problems are software related and not hardware related and, I am sure you know, Microsoft does these periodic updates to users computers remotely from time to time.  So, what I suspected is that, one of these updates had an undocumented and uncommon bug in it.  Since my computer is one that was built by hand, it might be susceptible to a problem that Microsoft would either think is too uncommon or they would not test for.
I was not the only person who thought that a clue to the problem was the fact, as i first stated, the BIOS came up on ONE monitor and the Windows logon screen came up in the other monitor.  Humm...
To be clear, I think I should say this.  The monitor that showed the BIOS is my monitor in my left.  The monitor that showed the Windows OS is the monitor on my right.
I was trying everything I could think of with what windows had to offer in the options that came up when I did a right-button click on the desktop and nothing worked.  The Operating System was simply failing to recognize the unavailable monitor.
Someone suggested this and just as an exercise of trying everything I gave it a try.
Ever hear "the truth is stranger than fiction"?  It worked.  But it worked in a very weird way.  
The position of my monitors had to be moved so that the one on my left was on the right and the one on the right was on the left (I think many people can relate to this.  Many of us can remember a moment when we would be able to move the mouse cursor all the way to the right of a dual monitor system and it pops up on the monitor on the left.).  This kind of makes sense.  The system seemed to be confused as to which monitor should be the main one and which one the desktop should extend to.  And this windows command seemed to iron out the confusion.
But I want to keep this thread of discussion open.  Let's see if this fix sticks.
So, let's keep this discussion thread open.  I will update it with my system information according to your suggestion.  It might give a clue as to why things went wrong and if this fix is temporary, we will need to revisit this topic.

Message édité par xarzu le 26-01-2021 à 17:38:36

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  Matériels & problèmes divers

  desktop fails to go to both monitors.


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