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  Besoin aide pour Config Serveur Multimedia


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Besoin aide pour Config Serveur Multimedia

Posté le 17-08-2017 à 10:36:02  profilanswer

Along with a cushy pad and fat-free waffle stompers.
Camp 7 Health health health health spa 15
Transporting out a extended, cold hike in Washington's Olympic Hillsides, I am unable to wait to get involved with camp and dive into my Health health health health spa. No, it is not a conveyable camp whirlpool. how to choose a sleeping bag for camping It is a toasty new sleeping bag by Camp 7. Not just did this 15[F] Polarguard HV-filled bag do what synthetics do best (insulate well in wet weather), it offered sleeping comfort that's difficult to match.
When using the Health health health health spa on almost all a rain-drenched trip, I happened on the website filled with impressive little details. First, there is the shape. Consider a box, furthermore to, an Egyptian sarcophagus. It's like over sleeping an easy, insulated tub obtaining an appliance cover zipped over you. The very best panel fits lower within the sidewalls such as the recessed lid inside the box. Meaning the zipper stands a couple of inches began, but it is nestled within the sidewall, effectively stopping drafts without getting a draft tube.
Talking about zippers, I fell crazy about the company-new Tub's double version. The primary zipper reaches my right, together with another, one-third-length zipper within my left. Open both and you will peel the most effective bag allowing your torso breathe. This dual-zip approach could be the finest method of warm sleepers, ,' whatsoever whatsoever much like me to vent heat without overchilling. Otherwise you prefer, you may earn armholes to carry a manuscript but keep the torso covered.
The liner materials unquestionably really are a fuzzy synthetic Camp 7 calls "BioShield" that wicks, or pulls, moisture from your body and seems like cozy flannel sheets. This bag is particularly nice to crawl into on moist and chilly days, rather inside the cold clamminess of typical nylon taffeta bag linings. The Bio-Shield includes a inclination capture and snag on untrimmed toenails and rough calluses, though, and additionally it appears to influence getting a static electricity. But overall, a great feature, particularly once conditions are saturated and cold.
The health spa is generously cut, almost obtaining a fault. Inside the touch greater than 6' 1" and nearly 200 pounds, I fill most sleeping-bags. Not too one. I'd lots of wiggle room within the shoulders and footbox, combined with knee section was wide enough can pull my legs inside a semi-fetal position. Everything room made the bag comfortable, nonetheless it will heighten the weight and bulk, also most generally it's of room for cold sleepers to warm-up.
The bag's headpiece is extremely effective. While using the dual zippers closed, the hood cinched, combined with draft collar in position (guaranteed with Velcro track of both sides), the health spa sealed out cold air. I spent one breezy night underneath the stars within the North Cascades encircled by spring snow drifts. I automobile up at beginning warm and well-rested.
Cost-wise, this bag is inside the whole world of many similarly rated lower sleeping-bags. Weight-wise, it's type of heavy for virtually every three-season sack. If you fail to only have whirlpool jets and pulsing tepid to warm water inside the finish inside the hard day, the camp ground ground ground ground ground 7 Health health health health spa 15 could be the next best factor.
--Dan Nelson
CAMP 7 Health health health health spa 15
   Short (fits to 5'6" )             $255
   Regular (fits to 6')             $265
   Extended (fits to 6'6" )              $275
   PACKED SIZE                      8" X 8" X 18
   WEIGHT OF Extended
   Mfr. specs                       4 lb, 3 oz
   BP scales                        4 lb, 5 oz
Contact: Camp 7, 3480 W. Warner Ave., Suite N, Santa Ana, CA 92704 (800) 224-2300 campseven@aolcom. Readers service #107
Formerly I punted my thin how to buy a sleeping bag , closed-cell foam pad intended for a deluxe inflatable one and haven't yet suffer an evening of regret I'll happily lug inside the extra pound roughly, loving toward the knowning that it'll lead to some well-earned sleep.
I passed numerous peaceful nights lately curled over the brand-new inflatable All-Terrain Pad from Fundamental Designs. In places as diverse as New Hampshire's Mt. Washington with the cold a few days a couple of days combined with desert Southwest in springtime, I happened upon the ATP much like cushy and insulative as with all inflatable bed bed bed bed bed mattress I've attempted personally.
Any closed-cell foam pad fanatic will disclose that inflatable pads are alongside useless within the thorny desert, and certain enough, I sprung a leak within the two-week stint in Utah's gorge country. It had been somewhat hole I am unable to find, well, i desired to handle a squishy bed bed bed bed bed mattress while using trip. Once home, though, I easily easily easily easily easily wiped sleep bed bed bed bed mattress obtaining a soapy sponge, easily found the bubbling hole, and sealed it if you undertake glue--no patch necessary.
Transporting out a little surgery, the information was new. On numerous hackpacking and canoe-camping journeys throughout Colonial, the ATP fat alone within three minutes, requiring merely a couple of breaths to create. The most effective materials unquestionably really are a nonslip polyester, which stored me and my sleeping bag from sliding around, even on sloping terrain.
Inflated, the facts undoubtedly are a real fat 1 1/2 inch thick, nonetheless it rolls in the tidy package. I tested the traditional model, that's rectangular and measures 72 by 20 inches, nonetheless the ATP will probably be three other sizes: the 3-fourths, that's 48 inches extended the most effective, the super-cushy version (76 by 26 by 2 inch) combined with mummy-produced Ergo, that has exactly the same dimensions because the standard pad, though a couple of-inch-thick pillow along with a 1-inch-thick leg section.
The ATP features a nylon stuff sack, an excellent method of safeguard the information while it's lashed for the pack. The stuff sack lacks a grab strap within the base, which appears as being a minor nit to select, nonetheless it practically needed a couple of to yank the data. I finally learned to roll the ATP tight enough to slip exterior and interior the sack easily, however a simple grab loop inside the base may be simpler. Furthermore there is a repair package that tucks nicely in the flap during sexual intercourse.
Primary point here: types of sleeping bags This is often frequently an excellent and comfy inflatable bed bed bed bed bed mattress. Regardless of the primary one leak, it proven to acquire pretty tough, supporting even if I laid it over bare rock for virtually every dinnertime seat. I'd still visit the desert more than a pancake pad whenever.
--Mike Lanza
Cost               $49.99
PACKED SIZE         6" x 20"
(in stuff sack without patch package)
    Mfr. specs.     2 lb, 3 oz
    BP scales       2 lb, 14 oz
Contact: Fundamental Designs, P O. Box 1498, St. Cloud, MN 56303 (800) 328-3208. Readers service #108.

Message édité par firosiro le 12-09-2017 à 12:02:19
Posté le 17-08-2017 à 10:36:02  profilanswer

Schtroumpf qui peut !
Posté le 17-08-2017 à 10:48:42  profilanswer



Ce sera la deuxième solution car les cartes mères n'intègrent en général pas plus de 10 ports SATA, et encore ce sont des cartes en socket X99 qui coutent une blinde, et il faut le CPU qui va avec....


Une carte mère plus "basique" intègre souvent 6 ports SATA, il te faudra nécessairement 1 ou 2 cartes filles.
Niveau CPU il n'y a pas besoin de grand chose, un simple pentium ou équivalent AMD fera parfaitement l'affaire.


Niveau boitier c'est là que ça va coincer, il y a un boitier qui peut accueillir 15 HDD/SSD en achetant des cages supplémentaires mais il coute déjà 380€ sans ces cages en plus ... c'est l'obsidian 900D.


Une autre solution consisterait à prendre un boitier externe pour une partie des disques, mais ces solutions peuvent couter cher :
Et à côté une config avec un boitier pouvant accueillir le reste, avec une possibilité d'extension par carte fille.


Ils font quelle capacité tes disques ?

Message édité par artouillassse le 17-08-2017 à 10:55:04
inspecteur​ tomate
Posté le 17-08-2017 à 11:05:55  profilanswer

Il y a deux possibilités pour le boitier:
- prendre un boitier avec 15 emplacements 3.5" (Lian-Li PC-D8000: 20 hdd à l'interne)
- prendre un boitier avec 9 emplacements 5.25 en facade et prendre des "docking" 5.25 pouvant accueillir des HDD en hot-swap (comme le ICY DOCK MB975SP-B)
Dans tous les cas, t'es proche des 400-500€ pour les deux solutions.
Ensuite, pour gérer 15 disques, je partirais sur une carte "RAID" d'occasion. (LSI par exemple).

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  Besoin aide pour Config Serveur Multimedia


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Besoin aide pour Config Serveur Multimedia 
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