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Aide a la correction sur texte anglais

Posté le 04-11-2006 à 00:02:02  profilanswer

Bonjour à tous, j'ai tapé un petit exposé en anglais masi je cherceh des ames charitable pour m'aider à le corriger.
Merci beaucoup à tous:
Does tourism the ennemy of the earth’s heritage ?
 Our formation shows the heritage and the tourism to.
 The tourism was been created in XVIIIth century when elites travelled all over Europe to discover Europeans societies and cultures. But it was just the after the second War World for the mass tourism had appear. Thanks to paid holidays, most of Western people could go on holidays.
 People has built a lot of accomdations but they don’t ber careful with the environment protection like olds monuments: Earning money was more important than future’s hyman being.
 In this process, Western countries were the first to build hotels, habitations and roads...Later, it was th third world countries’s turn. It’s sure that since the beginning of tourism, the landscapes are often damaged and the old monuments are endangered.
 We can wonder if tourism is the ennemy of the natural and monumental heritage? Is the good protection of heritage incompatible with promotion of tourism and conversely?
 In the first time, we will see that the tourism have positive effects. Then, we will see that the tourism have negative effects and many drawbacks. And to finish, we will tell you about different solutions.
II-The negative effects of tourism
 A-Degradation of places of interest
 The main negative effect is environment degradation. Indeed, when a beach or a city become known, tourism sppeds up the degradation of monuments and environment. Morever, place’s protection aren’t always adapted to large people... They aren’t be all watched, so they don’t respect the sites. (photo de plage ds Newsweek)
 The place’s protections aren’t adapted to large numbers of visitors. It’s impossible to keep an eye on all tourist. Consequently, they don’t always respect the site. For example, few tourists take off mosaïc in Pompéi. Others make tags. Still, the round of Mont-Blanc is covered by garbage , throwed by the walkers.
 Take the example of Machu Picchu which is a victime of UNESCO label. (photo ds Newsweek): →copié tel quel
The ancient inca city of Machu Picchu is in danger of besoming a victime of its own popularity. Built around 1460 and discovered by American historian Hiram Bingham in 1911, the breathtaking and well-preserved mountain ruins have became Peru’s most popular tourist attraction, drawing half a million visitors every year. The site’s 200 buildings, located in a geological fault zone, are in a precarious position to begin with. Constant foot trafic has made matters worse, wearing down and destabilizing the ancient stone foundations. Development near the site is exacerbating the problem of landslides, which threaten to dislodge Machu Picchu from its alpine perch. To stem the tide, Peru recently limited the number of visitors to 500 per day and closes the site for one month every year to repair damaged trails. But that may be too little too late.
 The same situation in Mexico in Chichen Itza where 5000 visitors come every days.  (photo ds Newsweek)
 The tourism “eat” the space around the places. Because of the constructon of hotels, accomodations, parkings to receive the visitors, in the vicinity of the places the landscapes are damaged.
For example,90% belgium coast is built. Similary, the Costa Brava and the Costa del Sol in Spain are built (photos internet).  
Or in mountain, in summer we can see the chair-lift which spoil the landscape.
 B-No profit for local population
In few poor countries, the local population doesn’t take benefit to the economic profit and equipements. The requests of tourists were filled in. The hotels offer tennis, individual bathroom, swimming pool, golf...but it’a great consumer of water.
For example, the hotels near Sahara or in Daeth Valley (Nevada)
 Take the birman example where the local population doesn’t take  benefit to positive effects of tourism. Since 1988, the government transfered population for built touristic equipements and 800.000 Birmans are hard-labour.
 C-Tourism changes the original culture
 Tourism can modified the original culture. The local customs are changed to please the Westerns. Consequently, rites, traditional festivals and religious ceremonies lose sens. They become attractions and they become « stereotypes ».
 In instance, it existes a thematic park in navajo reserve. We can see traditional dances with a lot of steretypes costumes. With feathers in the hairs, suede clothes, knifes, traditional jewels. Other example, a CD in new-age style. Stereotypes on jackets.
Same things for the jewels with silver feather.
They sell  “catch-dreams” which place on top of the bed whenyou sleep. During the night, the bad dreams are catch by this and the morning you must shake off out to chase dreams.
 When you think about Hawaï , you think about flower Hibiscus, monoï oil and surf. The flower is always represented on the surfing clothes.  
 Other example, since XIXe century the swiss mountain dweller sculpture wood objects, because tehy have time during the winter and the can sell it tourist in the summer. But it isn’t a moutain dweller tradition.
T: however, it existes solutions which reconcile tourism and heritage
 In conlusion, the tourism has positve effects. It allows to build infrastructures and confort. Way of life increases in touristic countries. Tourists can discover an unknown culture. The monuments and the natural places are more protected because they attract tourists.
 But the tourism have drawbacks. It eats the space and it damages often the landscape. The local population doesn’t take profit of tourism. And the local culture lose her sens to please Westerns.
 However, it existes solutions which allows to concile tourisme and heritage. The touriste become responsable actor & he’s implicated himself in populations life.
 Others solutions can be developped. For example, we can reproduce the fragiles sites like Lascaux 2 which is the reply of original cave with its paintings. Or we can build artificial places. The tourists dont’ go in paradisiac places but it’s go.
 In the photo, we can see an artificial decor, a beach with fine sand and a cloth behind; If you see the seiling, you will see that it’s a shed.
 Perhaps the solution is to watch the Ushaia emission by Nicolas Hulot to discover far places without leave your armchair.

Posté le 04-11-2006 à 00:02:02  profilanswer

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