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  Overclocking, Cooling & Modding

  Overclocking Intel Seattle SE440BX


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Overclocking Intel Seattle SE440BX

Posté le 20-12-2007 à 11:11:45  profilanswer

I need help changing my FSB on this mobo i can change a jumper and change the clock speed to 450 but when the system is running its still 350 mhz. I cant find a program to download that works with this board is there anyway to access hidden features in the bios? It has a pheonix bios. If anyone knows of anyway to overclock this mobo help me out. Also is there anyway to change the clock multiplyer?
Here is some system info.
Motherboard Properties    
Motherboard ID   4S4EB0X1.10A.0019.P09.9808141130
Motherboard Name   Intel Seattle SE440BX
Front Side Bus Properties    
Bus Type   Intel GTL+
Bus Width   64-bit
Real Clock   100 MHz
Effective Clock   100 MHz
Bandwidth   800 MB/s
Memory Bus Properties    
Bus Type   SDR SDRAM
Bus Width   64-bit
Real Clock   100 MHz
Effective Clock   100 MHz
Bandwidth   800 MB/s
Motherboard Physical Info    
CPU Sockets/Slots   1
Expansion Slots   2 ISA, 4 PCI, 1 AGP
RAM Slots   3 DIMM
Form Factor   ATX
Motherboard Size   200 mm x 300 mm
Motherboard Chipset   i440BX
BIOS Properties    
BIOS Type   Phoenix
4.0 Release 6.0 Version A09
System BIOS Date   08/14/98
Video BIOS Date   08/16/02
BIOS Manufacturer    
Company Name   Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
CPU Type   Intel Pentium II, 350 MHz (3.5 x 100)
CPU Alias   Deschutes, A80523
CPU Stepping   dB0
Instruction Set   x86, MMX
L1 Code Cache   16 KB
L1 Data Cache   16 KB
L2 Cache   512 KB  (Built-In, Half-Speed)
CPU Physical Info    
Package Type   242 Contact SEC Cartridge
Package Size   12.82 cm x 6.28 cm x 1.64 cm
Transistors   7.5 million
Process Technology   5M, 0.25 um, CMOS
Die Size   131 / 118 mm2
Core Voltage   2.0 V
I/O Voltage   3.3 V
Typical Power   11 - 24 W  (depending on clock speed)
Maximum Power   16.8 - 36.4 W  (depending on clock speed)

Cuban Holiday Gardening Jobs
Posté le 20-12-2007 à 11:11:45  profilanswer

The !!!! Beat
Posté le 20-12-2007 à 12:39:39  profilanswer

Try to flash your bios with a "non-limited" bios  :??:

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  Overclocking, Cooling & Modding

  Overclocking Intel Seattle SE440BX


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