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  N73SV External Monitor 2560x1440


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N73SV External Monitor 2560x1440

Posté le 21-02-2013 à 14:23:30  profilanswer

I recently bought a Asus PB278Q with a resolution max of 2560x1440 for my N73SV.
I cannot make it to use this resolution for the external screen, Would anyone know if there is a workaround (either linux or windows) or I am doomed to buy a new computer to get this output resolution ?
(I used the HDMI cable to do my testing)
Thanks in advance

Posté le 21-02-2013 à 14:23:30  profilanswer

Posté le 21-02-2013 à 17:50:58  profilanswer

Try to update ur graphic card driver, I had the same problem but with another screen, and it's only after the update that I could use his normal resolution, but it was with an VGA cable not HDMI.
You have many programs/websites which detect and check the version of ur differents hardware versions, just google it :)

Message édité par kalibar le 21-02-2013 à 17:52:07

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  Ordinateurs portables

  N73SV External Monitor 2560x1440


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