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Interesting Project

Posté le 24-09-2008 à 05:39:22  profilanswer

First, sorry for my English .....
Secondly, I have a very interesting project, I have to build a MiniPC (as litle as possible) .... The motherboard should only have:
1 x Socket 370
1 x Internal USB
3 x External USB
1 x VGA out
1 x Socket RAM Dim 100 / 133 Mhz
1 x AT Power Connector
The idea is to Retire everything I don´t need (like IDEs, ISA Ports, AT P-C, Etc.) from a normal Motherboard and put what I really need in a new board
The PC will be used in many different projects (most of them relationed with Robotic)
My question is simple ..... Think it is impossible ?
* If you are interested on it, you can join my team, contact me at MSN (
Thank you for reading!

Posté le 24-09-2008 à 05:39:22  profilanswer

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  Carte mère

  Interesting Project


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