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  PonyPhoto for Windows Phone


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PonyPhoto for Windows Phone

Posté le 29-02-2012 à 07:34:06  profilanswer

As we can find out, photo editing apps number about 548 in the Windows Phone Marketplace, while a lot of them only do one thing, and others are more of a search engine for images, there are a few that offer a good toolbox for turning camera snaps into art. With the smartphone becoming peoples go to point and shoot camera, it’s essential to be able to get those on the go images looking there best and shared, without having to get to a PC. I recently mentioned a heap of photo tools that I thought were great, and while PonyPhoto replicates many of the features in those it offers a couple of extras I thought made it worth a mention.
Photo collage:
animated gifs create, right from the phone:
You can stich up to nine images of any size together in to an animation like the ones above, and the results will be generated and run on the phone. The images are editable on the phone.As far as sharing, you can send them to Twitpic, Flickr and Facebook, they are generated into small images to minimise data use. You can also vary the speed of the transitions between images, so you can have a fast or slow rotation.
go here : [...] mation.gif

Posté le 29-02-2012 à 07:34:06  profilanswer

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  Technologies Mobiles

  PonyPhoto for Windows Phone


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