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LE topic import de jeux : prix, langue et procédure. Lire post 1 & 2

PSN: SolidShark
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Posté le 11-09-2013 à 23:02:01  profilanswer
Voir ce message dans le sujet non filtré

ginjou a écrit :

"Remboursement en cours" ...
Dommage :(

Idem c'est pour ça que j'ai pris paypal pour être recrédité dans la même journée [:dents]
Le message est clair c'était une erreur de prix (on a même droit à une vidéo) et toutes les commandes seront annulées et discréditées :o
Par contre ils nous proposent 10% de réduction sur le site en dédommagement et on est automatiquement inscrit à un tirage au sort pour recevoir un exemplaire gratuit (9 exemplaires, on doit être plusieurs milliers à avoir commandé) ;)
Your order for the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection
Dear Metal Gear fans,
We are sorry to inform you that due to an unfortunate mistake our company has accepted pre-orders for the European version of the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection at a selling price of USD 9.00 instead of our regular pre-order price of USD 59.90. The misquoted price was a result of human error on our end and we would like to deeply apologize for this.
All orders containing the aforementioned product at the price of USD 9.00 will be cancelled and we're in the process of issuing full refunds to all affected customers. Please kindly note that it might take up to 5 days until the last refunds have been successfully processed. strives to offer the best customer satisfaction, however, our company is not immune to human error. In acknowledging this mistake, we want to offer those of you affected by the error something for your trouble.
Firstly, all customers who purchased this product at USD 9.00 will automatically take part in a raffle. There will be 9 winners who receive a free copy of the game. We will announce the winners on Monday, September 23rd.
Secondly, all customers affected will receive a discount coupon giving them 10% off on one of their next purchases. These coupons will be sent out within the next few days and the following terms and conditions apply:
    Coupons are only valid for 180 days from the date of our mailing
    Receive 10% discount up to a maximum of USD 10.00
    Coupons cannot be used on orders for cash-equivalent products (e.g. point cards)
We truly hope that this will not affect our relationship and ensure that this will not happen again. Our company has released a video message that you can access by clicking on the below picture.

Message édité par SolidShark le 11-09-2013 à 23:06:59

[ACH] [VDS] [ECH] matos informatique et Consoles, Jeux Video à/pour SolidShark
Posté le 11-09-2013 à 23:02:01  profilanswer

Posté le   profilanswer

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