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  [TU] Fallout 76



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[TU] Fallout 76

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Posté le 13-06-2018 à 16:43:38  profilanswer
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Nitro-teck a écrit :
Beaucoup de réponses aux questions que l'ont se pose ! Je vous laisse débrief, perso j'ai peur de dire une connerie avec mon anglais d'école

Pas eu le temps de mater cet épisode de Noclip (je conseille toutes leurs vidéos :D), mais ce fil Reddit tente de synthétiser les informations, et un utilisateur a récemment ajouté les infos tirées de cette vidéo :  

Citation :

1: If your C.A.M.P overlaps with another C.A.M.P when you load into the server, it becomes a blueprint you can place somewhere else to rebuild your camp.
2: There are "public workshops" you can use and claim temporarily to get rare materials and craft items (like lead and bullets), but those areas are the ones that will randomly be attacked by enemies (like what we saw in the trailer!)
3: Whenever you level up you will pick a "perk card", which acts as FO76's version of perks. You can have a limited amount of them at at a time and if you wish to "reroll" your character, you can simply replace a perk card with another when you level up.
3.1: Perk cards share across your party, so you can specialize individually or as a group to try and get the most out of your perks.
4: You /DO/ have to find recipes to craft items. Recipes you can find around the world, from quests, drops, and "loot".
4.1: "There are orders of magnitude more recipes then Fallout 4."
4.2: You can trade recipes!
5: They are exploring the possibility of allowing "player vendor bots" you can set up as a sort of sale stall.
6: There is a bounty mode that is used to try and punish players who grief, and your bounty will go up as you do thinks which prove "problematic".
7: Todd is quoted as having the philosophy of "let things collide, let things be griefy, and when we find out what it is we can fix it. We would rather have things collide and be dramatic then be extra safe and boring."-- they will be keeping a close eye on stuff that happens in game and have tools in place to fix issues as they arrive.
8: Server size is 24-32, and you will supposedly be able to see people on the map and see what they are doing so you can interact with players if you wish.
8.1: It's meant to be seamless interactions if you wish to join in on your game.
9: The game is meant to try and make the experience fun for "solo, 4 person coop, and larger groups like that"
10: One of the quests or objectives in the game (assumingly end game) is to drop a nuke on the "fissures these large winged beasts, Scorchbeasts, crawl out of -- where they nest -- and nuke it to get rid of them."
10.1: Based off where you nuke, you will find different things because there is different fauna and flora in different areas, causing different mutations to occur in the area.
10.2: They are using the above different area mutations to "incentivize nuking where people aren't, to create extra ordinarily hard content and levels"
11: The game does feature MTX, but they will only come in the form of cosmetics -- they believe this is a crucial way to keep servers on and keep ALL FUTURE DLC FREE!
12: They've split the team up to have some of the team working on small content updates to keep the game "fresh" to keep people into the game, and a second team that will focus on "larger update content" to keep the game fluid and at certain intervals there will be huge mixups.

Posté le 13-06-2018 à 16:43:38  profilanswer

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  [TU] Fallout 76


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